Kitten Navidad – League of Exotique Dancers



Born in Mexico, the eldest of nine children, Francesca Isabel Natividad moved to the US as a young girl.  Before turning to go-go dancing, Kitten worked as maid and cook for actress Stella Stevens and a key punch operator for IBM.  Fellow dancer Shari Eubank introduced her to filmmaker Russ Meyer who hired her to narrate his movie Up! He was so impressed by her work that he cast her in the cult classic Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens.  Kitten left her husband for Russ Meyer with whom she stayed until his death.  She subsequently became known as an exotic dancer and porn star.  Noted for her 44 inch bust, she underwent a double mastectomy in 1999 to remove cancer caused by industrial grade silicone injections and had corrective surgery to restore her breast to the size her fans remember her being.  In addition to special burlesque legend performances, Kitten manages several properties and supports herself selling her porn videos and phone sex.

League of Exotique Dancers debuts in Saskatoon

on September 1st.

Tickets available!


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