Workshop – An introduction to Boylesque!

2 day intensive workshop from 4 of Saskatoon’s Men of Burlesque performers, Andy Phucter, Jack Gently, Vitamin D and Peter MorningWood. The course will bring a brief History of Burlesque and the Modern Emergence of Boylesque, Basics of Strip Tease and Peel from a Male Perspective, Stage Presence and Energy, Choreography, Characterization, and Bringing it […]

Delilah Jones – League of Exotique Dancers

DELILAH JONES Delilah Jones was born in Nazi Germany and moved to North America when she was a young girl. She was 1959’s “most photographed pinup”, appearing in magazines and being photographed by Hollywood’s most well-known photographers. She became a burlesque performer in 1959 when she met Candy Barr and Tempest Storm. Delilah learned The […]