Zoltar! Live! – A Glitter Bearded Fortune Telling Experience from a Museum of Curiosities.

zoltar in the back of Glitch.jpg

Fortune Telling, Tarot Cards, Viking Runes, Pendulum Divination, going for a walk in Nature… What do these have in common?

You. And your fate, your subconscious and your energy.

PM Wood creates a live fortune telling experience from a Zoltar booth, at Glitchy’s Believe it or Don’t Museum located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The glitter beard is appearing every second Saturday of the month, to help guide you with what your fate currently has in store for you.

Using the tools of the Tarot Deck, we get connected with our gut instincts and subconscious to draw out the meanings of our every day life. The Viking runes show you as the warrior, the challenging battle you face and the outcome. The Pendulum divination exercise will show you how to get in touch with your subconscious and allow it to answer questions.

And of course, one cannot help but tempt the fate of the Magic 8 Ball to see what wish comes forth.

Booking available through online tickets here.

Private readings available by emailing pmwoodcreative at gmail dot com


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