Holiday O’Hara – League of Exotique Dancers



A Boston Girl Gone Bad; Holiday became a fan of burlesque at age eight when she learned about the pretty ladies in beautiful gowns performing in Boston’s “Combat Zone.” In 1968 at age 18 the opportunity to live her childhood dream appeared 3000 miles across the country in San Francisco. One evening while hanging out in the lounge of a hippie hotel in North Beach, a nightclub’s barker asked if anyone knew how to dance as they were short one go-go girl. Up went her hand, on went a pair of borrowed heels, and she started go-go dancing on Broadway and The Chez Paree in the Tenderloin district.  Her mentors were Tori Lynn, Ellion Ness, Baby Doll, and Joni Love.  After touring, she settled back at home in San Francisco in 1977, dancing on Broadway and at The Sutter St Theatre, eventually managing The Sutter. She retired from burlesque in 1983, changing her name to Sybil Holiday, trading her boa for a whip, and becoming a published author, public speaker, and dominatrix whose erotic specialties were energy based SM, erotic trance, and gender and age explorations. In 1997 she traded that whip for a hypno-spiral, becoming a certified clinical hypnotherapist whose specialties are self-esteem and confidence, the inner family, sexuality, and life’s direction/purpose.

League of Exotique Dancers debuts in Saskatoon

on September 1st.

Tickets available!


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