Rama Rau, Judith Stein, Camile 2000 on CBC Q – League of Exotique Dancers

Camille 2000, Judith Stein and League of Exotique Dancers director Rama Rau join guest host Gill Deacon to discuss the glitzy world of burlesque, the gritty problems that lurked just beneath the surface, and why they bill the film as “an alternate history of feminism”. Watch now on CBC Q League of Exotique Dancers debuts […]


Marinka – League of Exotique Dancers

Marinka began her career in showbiz in 1960 as a show girl. She then moved on to working in nightclubs, performing as a belly dancer and exotic dancer. When she began working at a Toledo theatre, burlesque legend Rose La Rose convinced her to become a feature burlesque act, passing on one of her signature […]

Camile 2000 – League of Exotique Dancers

In her twenty years as a headlining artist, Camille 2000 worked with many of burlesque’s most notable talents, including choreographer Paul Markoff, costumers Simon Sorr and Hedy Jo Star.  Having established herself as a glamorous “traditional” feature, Camille went on to push the envelope with her performances, introducing audiences to a more aggressive (some might […]