Marinka – League of Exotique Dancers


Marinka began her career in showbiz in 1960 as a show girl. She then moved on to working in nightclubs, performing as a belly dancer and exotic dancer. When she began working at a Toledo theatre, burlesque legend Rose La Rose convinced her to become a feature burlesque act, passing on one of her signature gimmicks, “the bumping of the curtains” an act Marinka still uses today.  Marinka has traveled all over Canada and the US, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.  She has appeared in movies, including a role in Bob Fosse’s 1979 film All That Jazz.  In 2006 she was inducted as a Legend in the Burlesque Hall of Fame.  Besides performing each year at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Marinka tours burlesque festivals around North America and is currently writing her biography.


League of Exotique Dancers debuts in Saskatoon

on September 1st.

Tickets available!


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