Toni Elling – “I’ll do something they can’t do!”

“I’ll do something they can’t do!” Miss Toni Elling, hailing from Detroit, Michigan is an iconic figure of modern burlesque. She is hailed as a trailblazer dancing as a mature woman of colour. ”America’s Foremost Sepia Singing Ecdysiast” also wove her musical talents into her performances.  Her friendship with jazz great Duke Ellington earned her […]


Camile 2000 – League of Exotique Dancers

In her twenty years as a headlining artist, Camille 2000 worked with many of burlesque’s most notable talents, including choreographer Paul Markoff, costumers Simon Sorr and Hedy Jo Star.  Having established herself as a glamorous “traditional” feature, Camille went on to push the envelope with her performances, introducing audiences to a more aggressive (some might […]